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ABR's Therapeutic Medical Physics Exam!


      Welcome to our site dedicated to helping professionals pass their American Board of Radiology physics exams.  We understand that these tests can be stressful and difficult to study for, with little direction provided to guide preparation.  So, we decided to do what we could to help you out.  We used our experiences while moving through the ABR testing process to create a focused study solution that you can use to pass your boards!  Our motivation came about due to a lack of study solutions, the vague nature of the ABR’s description of the exam, and the surprise about the extremely high cost of what was currently available (which could be as much as $2000) .

       We currently offer a comprehensive set of study materials along with an easy to use question bank to reinforce your comprehension and hone the critical thinking required to pass part 1,  therapeutic part 2, and therapeutic part 3 medical physics ABR exams.  This site is designed to be more than just a bank of information.  Rather, it will offer you a complete study solution that will help guide and focus your studies on your intended exam.  Material has been carefully chosen based on experiences garnered of this evolving initial certification process.  Furthermore, you can study here with integrity knowing that this site is devoted to the furthering of medical physics knowledge and the quality of our practice, not with the simple dissemination of recollection material.

        We have sample materials available in the Demo tab so that you can see what our site offers.  Feel free to look around, and, if you like what you see, we hope that you will study with us.



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