We know that many Part 3 examinees have been affected by the ABR's decision to postpone the Part 3 exam to 2021 due to concerns about COVID-19 and in an effort to maintain social distancing.  During these times it is important that we all band together and help one another.  For our small part, we would like to provide extensions for anyone studying for Part 3 and having previously subscribed with a renewal scheduled between April 1st and October 27th free of charge so that study resources can be available when they are needed.  For users that qualify, we ask that you please reach out to us and we will extend access until October 27th.  We cannot simply go about canceling and extending everyone who is in our system listed as a part 3 taker as it is not uncommon for users to leave their memberships open for other clinical uses, and we would inadvertently be canceling these members.  So, please reach out to us if you have been affected, and we can handle the rest.  Thank you.


Update: The parts 1 and 2 exams have now also been postponed.  For those affected by these delays, we want to ensure that study materials will remain available.  So, if you will be taking either the Part 1 or 2 exam now in December, with an existing and active ABR Physics Help subscription as of May 18th, we will refund any renewals that occur between August 3rd and December 8th and provide a free extension to December 8th.  In order to help us facilitate this, we ask that you please reach out to us identifying yourself as someone taking the Part 1 or 2 exam in October at the time of your renewal charge between April and October.


Update: The ABR has recently posted their intention to host the postponed 2020 Part 3 exam in May of 2021 as a remote exam. As such, we are extending your access to May 7th of 2021 for affected users as described above.

2019-05-26, 16:52
The organization and structure of the website made studying more manageable for me. I was able to set goals of how many lessons to complete each day or week and systematically work through all of the material in preparation for my exam.