Our Mission:

To create a comprehensive, ethical, and affordable study solution for the ABR’s Physics Exams that aids in the development of well-rounded, clinically competent physicists.

Our Material:

Thousands of guided questions, tips for success, task group report summaries, exam simulations, original illustrations, and more on a site formatted to work with all major devices!

Our Methodology:

Proven learning techniques integrated into a system that encourages spreading your studies into focused, manageable packets complete with guided practice and diligent reinforcement.

Our Promise:

Ethical study materials that are more about preparing you for the exam, not simply giving it to you! We want you to be a well-rounded Medical Physicist, and we strongly believe in and support the ABR’s efforts in providing this certification.
2016-05-20, 15:26
I used the ABRPhysicsHelp website for the preparation of my therapy oral exam. The good thing about this website is that it summarized almost all the important things that relates to the exam. For example, it provides very useful condensed summary about the IMPORTANT TG reports, which I found very useful. Some of the illustrations are also very vivid. It is worth the money!